Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Topics covered
  • Introduction to chrome extensions
  • Pros and cons
  • Steps to install and use extensions
  • Chrome extensions for web developers

Introduction to chrome extensions

Chrome extensions in a simple term are the programs (similar to plugins) that can be installed within the browser. They add additional power and functionality to the browser you are currently using. These are built using HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT along with some JS APIs that chrome exposes. There are thousands of extensions on the web, you can install them according to your need.

Pros and Cons of using chrome extensions

1) Adds additional functionality to the web browser1) Some extensions may use an extensive amount of computer resources such as memory
2) Makes your browser more convenient to use2) May collect personal data
3) It can save your time3) May redirect you to different spammy sites

Installation Guide

  • Step 1

Open up your favorite browser and go to the official chrome web store .

  • Step 2

Search for the specific extensions you want and click on them. You will see a “Add to chrome/opera” button, simply you can click on it to install the extension.

  • Step 3

On the top-right corner of the browser, you can see the installed extensions. Now you can simply click on them to use them. Similarly, click the icon again to disable it.

Useful chrome extensions for web developers

As a developer using chrome extensions will definitely save your time and increase your productivity. Here are the list of few useful chrome extensions that you may consider using as a web dev :

  • WhatFont
  • BrowserStack
  • CSSViewer
  • React Developer Tools
  • GoFullPage
  • Web Editor
  • Wappalyzer


With 4/5 rating and 1000000+ users, it is one the most used extension. It identifies different fonts used in a website when you hover your mouse over them. Moreover it also identifies the size, family, weight and colour.


Brower stack chrome extension allows developers to test websites and mobile applications on different modern browsers such as Chrome. You can use this extension to test your website’s performance with different browsers before deploying it.


Another extension that you can add to your list is CSS viewer. It displays the CSS property of the element after your hover the mouse over them. Properties like Fonts, background, colors, positioning, effects are shown.

4.React Developer Tools

Open source React JS library uses this react developer tool extension. It allows inspecting the React component hierarchies using chrome DevTools. After the installation, two icons with name components and profiler are shown in the chrome toolbar. Components show what React is using on the page, Profiler shows performance data.


GoFullPage is another chrome extension that captures the whole webpage. You just simply need to click on it and it slowly screenshots the entire webpage for you.

Finally you can use the captured image for further works.

6.Web Editor

It is a tool that provides an advanced way to inspect any element in a website. Moreover, you can alter properties, insert new properties and visualize the design.


It is an extension that allows you to see using what the websites are built. Frameworks, libraries, CMS systems, programming languages, analytics, etc can be know used by different websites.

The above-mentioned chrome extensions are only the tiny portions of chrome extensions available on the internet.

You can visit the official Chrome web store for more extensions: Chrome Web Store


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