What are actually Git and Git-hub?


Being a web developer you will definitely come across the words git and git-hub. This may arise some questions on your mind. Here are some questions and answer to those questions to make you understand about git and git-hub.

What is Git?

Git stands for Global Information Tracker. It is a free and open source version control system that helps you keep track of changes made on your code. It makes collaboration between developers easier as it allows to merge changes made by different developers into one main branch.

What are the uses of Git?

  • To keep track of changes on code as well as revert back to previous versions of same code whenever necessary.
  • Used to collaborate with developers worldwide on code.
  • To keep track of developers who made changes on the code.
  • As it allows branching and merging we can work on different parts and versions of the project.
  • Pull updates and push local updates to main code.

How does Git works or keeps track of our code?

Developers mostly use commands to interact with git through different Command Line Interface(CLI) like Git-bash(windows).

  • Git starts with the command git init which creates a .git hidden folder inside the project folder.
  • .git folder keeps the track of changes inside the project folder.
  • Initially git considers files inside folders as untracked files, you need to add them to staging area using git add.
  • Now the git tracks every changes made inside project folder such as adding, changing, deleting.
  • Next is the git commit, with every commit .git stores a permanent snapshot of the files also considered as a save point.
  • You can see the full commit history along with who committed as well as go-back/revert to the specific commit and make change and merge with main.
  • Finally you can push these files and folders to the cloud-based hosting service like git-hub, git-lab etc. with git push.
Fig : working overview of git and github

What is Git hub?

Git hub is a cloud based hosting platform for source code currently owned by Micro-soft. It is undoubtedly the world’s biggest source code hosting platform. With more than 30 million accounts , more than 96 million repositories, and over 2 million organizations makes github the world’s most valuable development network. Some of the biggest projects on github are freeCodeCamp, React, Tensorflow, VS Code, Linux etc.

What are the uses of Github?

  • Github provides a repository for your project which can be made private or public.
  • There are millions of open source projects on github where you can contribute grow as well as learn as a developer.
  • It allows forking(making copy), pull request, merge, see commit changes, host webpages through github pages and many more.
  • You can browse through almost every programming language codes, notes and many more amazing projects.

Difference between Git and Github.

1.Installed locally on your machine.1.Hosted in the cloud.
2.It is a version control system to keep track of your code changes2.It is a hosting service for git repositories.
3.No user management features.3.Build-in user management features.
4.It is a command line tool4.It has rich UI to interact with users and is administered through web.
5.It is a software.5.It is a service.
Table: Git vs Github

Stay tuned for more blogs on git and github as well as other web tools.

Download git : Git

Get started with Github: Github


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