A Brief Introduction About Cypress


A Brief Introduction About Cypress

Cypress is the future tool for testing front-end modern web applications. It aims to overcome the hurdles that the engineers and developers face while testing web applications based on React and AngularJS.  It is a quick, effortless, and dependable tool for testing any applications that run on browsers.

Unlike Selenium, Cypress works completely on a real browser without the need for driver binaries. The automated code and application code share the same platform, which gives complete control over the application under test.

To describe the backend story of Cypress, let’s have a look at its high-level architecture.

Cypress runs on the NodeJS server, which communicates with the test runner(Browser) instrumentalized by Cypress to run the application (one of the iframe) and test code(another iframe) in the same event loop. This in turn allows the Cypress code to mock and even change the JavaScript object on the fly. This is one of the primary reasons why Cypress tests are expected to execute faster than corresponding Selenium tests.

Key benefits of using Cypress test automation framework:
  • It is easy to set up the Cypress framework.
  • Cypress has an in-built wait for requests feature that eliminates the need to configure additional waits.
  • There is no need for driver binaries in Cypress and execution happens on the real browser.
  • Since test code and application run in the same browser, it can access application JS objects.
  • Cypress is super impressive where you can change code and execute the same on the fly .
  • It provides dashboard support for detailed reporting.
  • It supports parallel test execution.
  • It has support for BDD and TDD style testing.
  • Cypress tests are less flaky due to the auto-wait features supported by the framework.
  • At each step, screen grabs that show the test behavior are captured. These can be super helpful in debugging issues with the tests.
  • Detailed documentation and thriving community.

Official Documentation: https://www.cypress.io/

React blogs : https://codewithsudeep.com/category/javascript/reactjs/


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