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As we already discussed IPC and different techniques for IPC, this article is about the C program for demonstrating the message passing technique for IPC. Again, we are using <sys/shm.h> GCC library. The function looks like this:

msgget((key_t)14534, 0666 | IPC_CREAT);

msgget function arguments: key and flag. it returns int value -1 or 1. -1 means the message queue is not created. And message passing is done through the function msgsnd . it takes arguments: message queue id, message, payload max size, and message flag. msgsnd function looks like:

msgsnd(msgid, (void *)&process_msg, MAX_TEXT, 0)

To demonstrate this process, we create two processes and run them in parallel.

Process 1 ( Sender )

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/ipc.h>
#include <sys/msg.h>
#define MAX_TEXT 512 // maximum length of the message that can be sent allowed
struct ipc_msg{
    long int msg_type;
    char some_text[MAX_TEXT];
int main(){
    int running = 1;
    int msgid;
    struct ipc_msg process_msg;
    char buffer[50]; // array to store user input
    msgid = msgget((key_t)14534, 0666 | IPC_CREAT);
    // -1 means the message queue is not created
    if (msgid == -1){
        printf("Error in creating queue\n");

    while (running){

        printf("Enter some text:");
        fgets(buffer, 50, stdin);
        process_msg.msg_type = 1;
        strcpy(process_msg.some_text, buffer);
        // msgsnd returns -1 if the message is not sent
        if (msgsnd(msgid, (void *)&process_msg, MAX_TEXT, 0) == -1){
            printf("Msg not sent\n");
        if (strncmp(buffer, "end", 3) == 0){
            running = 0;

Process 2 ( Reciever )

 struct ipc_msg{
         long int msg_type;
         char some_text[BUFSIZ];
 int main()
         int running=1;
         int msgid;
         struct ipc_msg process_msg;
         long int msg_to_rec=0;
                 msgrcv(msgid,(void *)&process_msg,BUFSIZ,msg_to_rec,0);                 
                 printf("Data received: %s\n",process_msg.some_text);

Output after running both processes at the same time:


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