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Did you know that JavaScript currently stands as the most commonly used language in the world it’s used by 69.7% of developers worldwide as you can guess today the CWS team will share with you the history of JavaScript and some amusing facts you may be interested in?

JavaScript is a scripting language that is one of the three main languages used for developing websites. While HTML and CSS provide the structure and style of a website JavaScript allows you to add functionality and behavior to your website allowing your website visitors to interact with your content in many creative ways. JS is primarily a client-side language meaning it runs on your computer in your browser. however, more recently the advent of node.js allowed JavaScript to execute code on servers as well.

JavaScript history

JavaScript was born as a scripting language for input validation because of the way it evolved. we would say it’s a programming language that can take hours to master and years to master.

so who introduced javascript?

The JavaScript creator is Brendan Eich. He developed javascript in 1995 while working for Netscape communications corporation. The java programming language was rapidly gaining popularity at the time and Netscape communications were working to make it available in Netscape communicator. however, java was too large and complex for hobbyists scripters, and designers alike to address this problem. Netscape communications contracted Brendan Eich to develop a universal programming language that could speed up web development and serve as a javascripting aid.

Interesting fact: originally javascript had another name, early versions of javascript were called mocha. shortly after the mocha prototype was presented at Netscape communicator it was renamed LiveScript simply because the live word was better for marketing

In December of 1995, it was renamed again this time to javascript the first version of javascript defined many of the great features that this coding language is known for today the main of them are:

  • prototype-based object models
  • first-class object function
  • the syntax that is similar to java

So why was javascript created?

Back in 1995 Netscape communicator was the most popular web browser in the world.

The founder March Andreessen wanted to make the internet more dynamic by creating animation, user interaction, and other automation as a standard part of any website. He also knew that Microsoft was working hard on its own internet explorer browser and wanted to make Netscape communicator more attractive to developers by equipping it with both an enterprise-grade programming language java and a smaller scripting language javascript. while this plan didn’t stop Microsoft from taking over the web browser market and ousting Netscape communications from the business. javascript nevertheless managed to escape its walled gardens of roots.

What does javascript look like today?

javascript is the most used client-side scripting language, for now, it’s written in HTML documents and allows you to interact with web pages in many unique ways. moreover, newer developments like node.js allow javascript on the server-side while APIs like HTML5 allow you to manipulate user media and other device functionality. Also, The libraries like React JS and Next JS have influenced the trend of web development in so many ways. The history of javascript is complex but not yet complete.


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