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Since, I started The Boring School and launched the early access. People are in oblivion about what does The Boring School do, who are their main audience 🥶 and things like that. Well, this blog will answer all those questions at once.

It’s simple The Boring School is a platform which aims to target Information Technology and Security sectors and people involved in it. Sounded bit complex right? Let’s break down a bit, our primary focus for our First Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is we’re building a platform where students enrolling on Information Technology can enhance their industrial tech skills by learning, sharing and discussions all at once on the same page. 😎

Now, the thing is bit less complex but how would people learn from the same platform, practice and discuss about puzzles? Well, as per our core team plan learning is done through video streaming courses, blogs and articles and finally sound is the best sensor to learn new things, so we do have podcasts as well.

Now, talking about practicing on the same platform we’ll provide Secure Shell(SSH) client for the Linux OS (primarily Ubuntu), code snippets to solve issues. And people would be able to contribute the tasks that they think are important to hone the industrial skills and for a so called perfect job as a developer.

Finally, it comes to discussions. Discussions will almost be like GitHub Discussions, Stack Overflow where people seeks for help and other contributes to gain the points. Tip of the ice berg: Points earned on our platform ain’t normal points it’ll have some value after all it’s just a tip of ice berg so you’ll know later about it.

That was a small summary about The Boring School, and the early access is still live at We “The Team behind The Boring School” also subscribed for the early access with many of our fellow good wishers. If you still haven’t subscribed yet, you might really miss the shooting star. So, feel free to Subscribe to The Boring School and if you have any brainstorming questions revolving your head do comment and I’ll surely reply ASAP.

Sudeep Mishra

Sudeep Mishra


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