What’s new in Laravel 9?


Here are some of the major features included in Laravel 9:

  1. Minimum PHP v8.0
  2. New Design for route:list
  3. update in query builder interface
  4. PHP 8 string function
  5. Moved mailer functionality to Symphony Mailer ( ~v8 SwiftMailer )
  6. FileSystem 3.x
  7. Controller Route Groups
  8. Improved Eloquent Accessors/Mutators
  9. Implicit Route Bindings With Enums (PHP 8.1)
  10. Controller Route Groups
  11. Enum Eloquent Attribute Casting
  12. Forced Scoped Bindings
  13. Laravel Breeze API & Next.js
  14. Laravel Scout Database Engine
  15. Full-Text Indexes / Where Clauses
  16. Rendering Inline Blade Templates
  17. Soketi Echo Server
  18. Optional Bootstrap 5 Pagination Views

Laravel 9 is the next long-term support version (LTS) and will receive bug fixes until February 2024 and security fixes until February 2025.

We explore some of the new features or laravel 9, stay tunded!!!!

Sudeep Mishra

Sudeep Mishra


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