Top 5 Web Developer trends for 2023


This year, it was a great year as a developer ???????? and these trends would continue next year to be in development. In this article, let’s look at these top 5 trends that I believe are very important for you as a developer to stay updated with and take a look as well entering the new year ????✌️.

WEB 3.0

The first trend is web 3. Now, this has been super hyped ????????????, and to be honest I’m also that one kind of person who doesn’t understand everything about what is happening in web3, ???????? the NFT parts, and all craze of coins and stuff. But I do believe there is a strong application of decentralization. At least on the fintech side. Also in a way when METAVERSE, for example, one day becomes reality in the next 10 years – 20 years then that concept of NFT and owing something on the blockchain, this concept would really be powerful. ????????????

So if you want to prepare yourself for the next 10 to 15 years of change in technology, I think it would not be a bad idea to start dipping your toes into web3.


The second thing which would be a lot trendy in the next year, I believe, is going to be React ????. React is doing some Major Changes. In the React Conf 2021, they announced, they are coming up with a compiler for React. By having a compiler, React can optimize its code further by introducing memorization at the places where the developer does not explicitly needs to write it so the compiler would kind of shift react towards that magic area where you get less syntax and more performance so that is also happening ????????.

Then of course react18 is coming ???? ???? with a lot of new features like react server components and you know streaming support and integrating all of this with NextJS and of course, the concurrent mode in react 18 which again boosts performance a lot in the newer versions. it’s going to be a great year for React and the utilities which are being built around it especially interested in seeing how the compiler plays out how this stuff plays out.


DevOps got its name over 10 years ago, and what started as a hashtag has grown into a cultural movement in IT. Shipping out your development code to production is really a big deal when you consider more about automation, continuity, and security. ???????? There’s a lot of tools simplifying the process. Source code management and build tools like Git, Jira for the issue and project tracking. Containerization platforms like Docker and Kubernetes. CI/CD and deployment tools like Jenkins, Github Actions, Google FIrebase, Vercel, Heroku. Cloud DevOps tools like AWS and Microsoft Azure. Monitoring and error reporting platforms like Raygun.


So that’s interesting to see the fourth trend as usual will remain artificial intelligence ???????? but the difference here this time is that GitHub Microsoft Open AI all of these stuff is coming together to build AI experiences for developers.???????? This year we saw how you know Github co-pilot turned out to be a great help when you’re writing code when you’re trying to do smart auto completions. And this is gonna just keep on evolving the AI is gonna get better the suggestions are gonna get more personalized and smarter.

In general, having a lot more APIs available for you as a developer which are artificially intelligent and available at an ease of implementation where you don necessarily have to understand the AI or the logic behind it. you can use it in some places you don’t even need to understand how the logic and the AI part is working so as web developers if we can have those interfaces by these big companies GitHub Microsoft that would really help us build richer interfaces and richer experiences and Open AI, Github co-pilot, Github codex is doing that a lot tell us at an extent which is going to get even stronger this year.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications aka PWA are websites that have all benefit from a native application. One-click access from the applications menu, Instant loading, user experience, offline serving, Push notifications are some key features of PWA. But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Some of the most digitally-advanced companies are already taking advantage of PWAs and using them to great effect. If it’s good enough for the likes of TwitterInstagram and Uber then there’s definitely something to get excited about! Even the website you are hanging on right now is PWA as well.

PWA Courses that will make you a Pro! - DEV Community

PWA basically combines the best of the website and the best of the native app have to offer. Furthermore, there is the concept of Service Workers, Offline caching. I guess it would be one of the trendy things that most web developers gonna build some awesome web experience using PWAs.


Self-Motivation is what I think you need the most. Also we are all set to provide free coding courses online with a lot of stuffs to do practice what you learn.

Best wishes for Two-O-Two-Two !!! Happy coding ✌️✌️☮️☮️

Sudeep Mishra

Sudeep Mishra


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